Nancy Drew gamesI am an avid Nancy Drew fan.  I have been playing Nancy Drew games for around ten years.   My mother had read Nancy Drew books as a child, and shared her love of Nancy Drew with me through the games.  I own every game, and have played each one multiple times.  I am always keeping track of the latest Nancy Drew game news.

Along with my other blogging, I’ll be reviewing Nancy Drew games in order, starting with the earliest game, the original Secrets Can Kill.  I might also share some fun stuff that’s going on in the Nancy Drew world!

Random Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew Videos

How to Get Ready for a Spooky Nancy Drew Game

Dear Charlotte, Please Come Back

Nancy Drew Moment #9

Nancy Drew News

Nancy Drew Ghost of Thornton Hall

The Silent Spy Official Preview

Fan Cover Art and Currently Known Information on The Silent Spy

Game Reviews

Game Review:  Nancy Drew Secrets Can Kill

Game Review:  Nancy Drew Stay Tuned for Danger

Game Review:  Message in a Haunted Mansion

Game Review:  Treasure in the Royal Tower

Game Review:  The Final Scene

Game Review:  Secret of the Scarlet Hand

Game Review: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

Game Review:  The Haunted Carousel

Game Review:  Danger on Deception Island

Game Review:  The Secret of Shadow Ranch

Game Review:  The Curse of Blackmoor Manor

Game Review:  Ghost of Thornton Hall


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