Reading by the Fire

Reading by the Fire

I’m part of a Twin Team of book bloggers that are working together on a blogging adventure.  We call ourselves “The Twins” because if you look at us, you would think we were twins, even though we are mother and daughter.

I’m a reading enthusiast, beginning writer, and book blogger.  My goal is to read popular young adult fantasy books available today and write my opinions and insights on them.  I may even delve into critiquing the movie adaptations of books. I will also write about adult fiction when I do book blogging with my mother.

My mother, Jill also has interests in books other than youth fantasy.  She enjoys mysteries, Danielle Steel, James Patterson, Janet Evanovich, John Grisham, and others.  You might see a few examples of her reading other genres of books on her blog.

My mom will read books and post reviews of them on her blog.  We may hold dueling book wars where we both review the same book at the same time and each post our review of them.  In this case, we may not always agree.  It’s meant to be a friendly competition.

My mom is also writing a travel section on her blog that features stories of her vacations.

The name of my mother’s blog is “Jill’s Cabana Stories.”  To go to her blog, click here: Jill’s Cabana Stories. You can also click the “Jill’s Cabana Stories” link under Blogs I Follow to go to her blog on any page.

Book Blogs:

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