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How to self-publish your novel


Write on the World

Yesterday I attended a seminar on self-publishing with author/publisher Cornel Rosario at my local technical college. I have been doing a lot of research on publishing recently and wanted to see if there was anything new he could teach me that I hadn’t figured out yet on my own. I am glad I did. Prior to the class, I had learned a lot about ebook publishing, but the process of publishing actual books had been a bit of a mystery to me.

Much of the information Rosario covered in this three-hour session was old news to me, as far as ebooks go. But when it comes to printing actual books, he was a wealth of knowledge on both old-fashioned printing and print-on-demand. I also learned a lot about the costs associated with publishing your own book.

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Finding Her Voice


An Original Poem by Amy Burney

Flickr today

Flickr today (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

After many years of struggle, her journey had come to this

Such promise at first, it started with bliss

She had a clear vision, her work was defined

With precision, dedication, and above all, edits of time

The struggles got harder, the trials seemed greater

She began to lose her bearings, yet she pushed even harder

She went on and on, simply trying to please

Never successfully seeming to progress on with ease

Garden flower

Garden flower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Onlookers could see she was going astray

She soon felt her triumphs just slipping away

Wanting not to give in, kept trying to please

Her bearings were going; they were lost in the breeze

Until one day, she fell through the cracks

She was not able to withstand the constant attacks

Down, down she fell, into the depths of despair

Her soul was destroyed, she was lost everywhere

English: Flower of Arctotis sp.

English: Flower of Arctotis sp. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alas, it was not right!  It was too big, she could see

This was not at all what she expected it to be

She turned away from the battle to seek a new track

Whatever it was, she could never go back

She faced a new fate; it was a fork in the road

Which way would she turn, which way would she go

She tried this and that, seeking many new options

Yet she still was filled with a variety of questions

Can anyone help me find the name of this flower?

Can anyone help me find the name of this flower? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She chose a new path to forge a new life

Old encounters still sometimes just cut like a knife

With trepidation she moved on to find her new north

She had made her clear choice, ready now to move forth

And now here she stands, looking back at the destruction

She is happy where she is now; and comfortable with the decision

Yes, the fates intervened, a change had to happen

Her heart was broken and crushed in emotional execution

She had learned her limits through the ravages of time

Flower nature

Flower nature (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Unveiling a mask she had hid from all of mankind

Rising from the ashes, it is like a new birth

Aware of the consequences, realizing the worth

Today, she looks onward, discovering her potential

She faces her new reality, and recognizes new struggle

But still, she is happy, for there is no discomfort with her choice

She has revealed herself to the world; she has found a new voice

She had hid behind a mask so that the world could not see

Hoping that she would become what people expected her to be

But it didn’t work out, she couldn’t change her heart

She had to begin anew with what she was from the start

***Special thanks to Jill’s Cabana Stories for her help***

© Amy Burney, Amy’s Fantastical Writings