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Nancy Drew Videos


These are so fun!  I love them!  Some of these were posted awhile ago…Oh well, I still love them. 😛

This one was back when Phoenix was there (the summer intern last year I believe).  It’s Call Me Nancy, Second Chance Me (based off the second chances in the Nancy Drew games).  It also features Little Jackalope.


This one was posted just a few weeks ago on the Amateur Sleuth Blog.  It’s with Little Jackalope and the Tech Girl.


Last one…This is from The Deadly Device. If you remember, Ryan ❤ gummy bears. 🙂 She likes to act out little scenes with them. Here’s some examples of it.

Have fun!

Her Interactive

YouTube Page


Nancy Drew Moment #9


I can really relate to this.

Source: via Nancy Drew on Pinterest

You can look at this game at: Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger

To see the Her Interactive website, go to: Her Interactive

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