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Book Review: Skrymers Glove

Skrymer's Glove Book Cover

Skrymer’s Glove Book Cover

Skrymer’s Glove is the first science fiction novel I have read in a long time.  I found this to be an interested read.  The books heavily based on theories of space (black holes for example) and time travel.  I had to reread many parts to understand the story.  I thought the plot was intriguing (I find reading about black holes fascinating).  I liked having to guess whether Loki was a traitor, and what was going on with the mission.

There was also an interesting point brought up about the differences between science and magic, especially in the context of the village.  That could lead to some philosophical debates.

In the book, a type of alien species called the Yetten are interested in the Fyrkat device, possibly because of its transportation abilities.  The Asers and Vanes created a defensive alliance together against the Yettens despite their bad history.  This fails when the Yettens kidnap Tjalfe and Roskva.

Simulated View of a Black Hole in front of  the Large Magellanic Cloud

Simulated View of a Black Hole

Thor and his comrades, including Sif and Freya, attempt a rescue mission to Skrymer’s Glove, a paradoxical cluster of five black holes where their combined gravity exceeds the fabric of reality, to rescue the children.  The supernovas that created the black hole do and don’t collide.  This is impossible, but yet, it happens anyway.  Therefore, Skrymers Glove is a paradoxical black hole.  To complete the rescue mission, Thor and his comrades have to go into this black hole separately.  If they make one wrong move, it could kill them.

To top it all off, there is a traitor in their midst.  When the team attempted to transport the children to safety away from the Yetten, they failed because someone tampered with the transport system.  Who did this?  Could it be Loki, who is Thor’s brother but also a Yetten?  Or is it someone else?

Will Thor and his comrades save the children from the Letten?  Who is the traitor in their midst?  What will happen with the Fyrkat device?  Find out in Skrymer’s Glove, available on Amazon.  I would give it 3.5 stars, rounded up to 4.