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Sesla…The Enchanted Planet Book Review



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit another planet and solve crimes?  Would you be interested in a science fiction novel involving private investigators?

Sesla…The Enchanted Planet, written by J.A. Ireland, takes you to the planet of Sesla.  We see qualities that make this exciting planet unique, including the sport of Mesnuk, the sea doxer, and genetic engineering in the Qashlet Lab.  We are also introduced to areas such as the desert territories and the wet lands.  The natives of this planet, or coteries, are separated by which area of Sesla they live in, as well as their prestige and occupation.  The Coteries of Sesla interact with each other in cities, newspapers, and the media.  One type of Coterie, the detective, solves crimes on Sesla.

In Sesla…The Enchanted Planet, Detective Maxx Zeqster is hired to investigate the disappearance of one coterie, Leqtus Kin.  However, the local media and police department believes that he cannot effectively solve the case.  He soon discovers that his explorations take him deeper into the relations between the Coteries than he previously knew.  Along the way, the reader questions what is actually going on with this foreign planet.

I found this book to be an interesting read because I don’t normally read a lot of science fiction.  I loved the fact that crime solving was brought into the novel.  I would have never imagined teaming science fiction with private investigators.  That proved to be quite enjoyable.

I found that the character of Detective Maxx Zeqster evolved dramatically throughout the novel.  We are introduced to Detective Zeqster when he is at the lowest point of his career.  Through the process of his investigation, his self-confidence deflates, then begins to soar.

Finally, my most favorite part of the book was the sea doxer.  Because I have a heavy background in science, I found the story of the sea doxer evolution, as well as doxer fever, to be quite intriguing.

Overall, Sesla…The Enchanted Planet, is a great read.  I loved learning about Sesla, the newspapers and media, and the different issues facing the Coteries.  Detective Maxx Zeqster’s character changed dramatically through the story.  I would highly recommend the novel if you would like to read science fiction with a crime solving twist.

Sesla…The Enchanted Planet is now available on Amazon Kindle and Kindle PC for $.99.  Amazon Prime members with a Kindle ca also borrow it from the Kindle Lending Library for free.  You can read J.A Ireland’s blog at at Detective Maxx Zeqster’s Creepy Crawly Amazing Adventures.