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Poison Book Review

Bridget Zinn

Bridget Zinn

Bridget Zinn always wanted to be a fantasy writer.  She got her wish, however, she never lived to see it.  Zinn died of colon cancer before her debut novel, Poison, was published.  Poison is quite the enjoyable young adult fantasy book.  This makes reading the book somewhat bittersweet as you both read the book and wish that she got to see it in print.  However, I did like this book because of the fantasy in it, and a “love triangle.”  There was more in the book than what I was expecting from the cover.  However, I do think the book could have been longer.  It was only around 275 pages long.  It was a very quick read.

Poison is a book of self-discovery, romance, mystery, and fantasy.  Kyra decided to kill her best friend, the princess, in fear that something dreadful would happen if she didn’t.  She didn’t want to kill her best friend.  She just didn’t think she had a choice.  However, her poisonous arrow missed the princess, making her a fugitive in her homeland.

To prove her innocence, she decides to track down the princess again, all the while being chased by an army.  She goes to the king of criminals and asks for his help.  He gives her a tracking pig that will lead her to the princess.  So she’s going around trying to find the princess, being led by a cute little pink pig called Rosie.

Poison Book Cover with Rosie the Pig

Poison Book Cover with Rosie the Pig

Along the way, she meets a handsome young man, Fred.  He seems to charm her despite her protestations.  Is there more to this young man than what meets the eye?

Kyra learns about some secret abilities she has through this journey.  She discovers a large secret, and learns of a mysterious creature that could rip apart the kingdom.

Will Kyra finally kill the princess?  What will happen between her and Fred?  Find out in Poison.

Click here to read my mom’s review of Poison.  I give it three stars.