Ch. 1–Ramla’s Vision



If you’re seeing weird things around you, like dwarves or gigantic butterflies, stop reading right now!  Or if you start seeing these things, STOP!  I’m telling you, you don’t want to know what could happen if the Blue Witch finds out, or if her minions see you.

Still reading?  I’m telling you, put this book down right now!

Well, you seem very determined and curious.  I guess…you may be the one.

This is the story of Electra and Skylar.  Learn from it and watch out for anything weird around you.  You never know when the Blue Witch will try to take over our world.

Guard this book with your life.  Take it to the Knights.  They will know what to do with it.

I wish you luck, dear reader.  You will need it.

Chapter 1—Ramla’s Vision

Two Hundred Years Ago

“Journey on the windy road

Have some adventures, learn tales of old

Seek all you can and find a new friend

Until you get all the way back again”

Ramla twirled a grass spear in the blue waters of Crested Lake on a warm, sunny day next to the Witches Village.  She was laying on the lake’s shores, and watching deer and birds dart in and out of the forest around the lake.

She sang the poem aloud to herself, thinking about the many adventures she had in her life.  On one of her travels, she met an extraordinary young warlock named Devlin, who recited the poem to her.  It became one of her favorites, not because of poetic mechanics, but because it reminded her of the times they spent together.

Together, they made a rhythm out of the poem, and it became their song.  They were going to spend their life together.

Until that tragic day when Devlin drowned right in front of her.

Devlin was never a strong swimmer, but he was an adventurous young warlock, and he wanted to impress her.  He braved the depths of Mermaid Lake, another body of water, because no one else had survived.  There were legends of people that had dared to tempt the mermaids, and he wanted to be the first person to cross the lake.  She told him not to, but he thought he was invincible based on other successful ventures in completing impossible quests.

He did not succeed.  Devlin was able to fight off the mermaids until he was halfway across the lake.  Then, one of the older mermaids grabbed him around the waist and dragged him down into their watery home.  Now he lay lifeless at the bottom of the lake in the murky sand.

That was the day Ramla’s heart broke.  She never recovered from his death, and she never loved anyone else.  She was the subject of many jokes around Crested Lake.  None of her fellow witches could figure out why she was so smitten with Devlin.  It didn’t matter to her.  He was the one that she loved.  No matter what they said, she would always love him.

Ramla kept twirling her piece of grass in the waters of Crested Lake, allowing small funnels to grow in the lake.  She saw yellow and red fish dart away from the spear, moving so quickly through the water.  They didn’t even have to think about their movements.  Oh, if Devlin could have only swum like those fishes.  He could have skirted away from the mermaids.  Then, he would be beside her, and they would go off into the sunset, never to see the witches again.

But that time was over.  It was long gone, and it would never come back.  Ramla was never going to see him again.

Ramla sighed in sadness.  She wanted to spend her life with him.  They had planned the many adventures they would have together.  Instead, she was sitting on the shores of Crested Lake wishing that he were still alive.

A brief movement caused her to look up and see a small pink butterfly fluttering around her.  The butterfly put a smile on her face, despite her grief.  All around her, there was still life.  The world had moved on.

“Come on, Ramla,” she said to herself.  “You can’t keep moping around forever.”

She pushed her hands against the ground and stood up, pausing to brush the dirt off her red dress.  She had to get to work.  Ramla still had a sign sitting in her longhouse, waiting for  her latest poem.

Ramla turned around and started walking towards the grey longhouses of the Witches Village.  This was her home, since all the witches lived here.  She dropped the wet grass spear and breathed in the cool air.  She had been in a depressed mood the past three days.  Yesterday was the five-year anniversary of Devlin’s death.

She strode briskly between the longhouses until she reached her own.  The few witches she passed avoided her.  That was understandable, since she had been rather moody to a few of them.

Still, it was rather annoying that all her fellow witches were turning their head whenever they saw her.  She grumbled to herself as she pulled the door of her longhouse open and stepped inside.  She slammed the door shut in anger, and pressed her back against the walls of her longhouse.  Ramla took another deep calming breath and closed her eyes, drinking in the silence of her home.  She was alone again.  Thank goodness.

Ramla looked around her longhouse and saw that the wooden board she had sitting on her front desk was still there.  Her fireplace was still crackling, and the dinner she made before she went out was roasting in the pot.

Ramla sat on the wooden chair in front of the desk and stared at the board.  She was hoping by now that she would have something to go on.  She was having a severe mental block before, and decided to take a walk over to Crested Lake to gain inspiration.

Now, however, she still had no clue what to do.  The board seemed to laugh at her, mocking her writer’s block.

It wasn’t working.

She resigned herself to not being able to accomplish anything today, just like every day for the past week.  Soon she would get something.  It would happen.

Ramla started to push herself out of her chair when her mind went completely black.  She couldn’t see anything around her.  Ramla started to panic, thinking she was going blind.

Suddenly, the darkness lifted, revealing a young girl with armor standing in a large blue cavern between waterfalls that were pouring down with glassy water.  Ramla realized she was having a vision.  She had experienced images of foresight before, but never on such a grand level as this.

The girl was holding a large wooden staff in front of her as if it were a weapon.  She shouted something, and a Witch with light blue eyes appeared facing the girl.  The girl’s eyes were wide with fear, and the Witch snarled with cruelty.  In the background, Ramla could faintly see a light blue object gleaming in a patch of sunlight.

Rocks tumbled down from the ceiling, and the girl quickly darted around them, trying to escape her doom.  The Witch raised her hand, and an elf wearing a green outfit and holding a bow and arrow ran forward to stand in front of the girl.

Water erupted up from the ground and around the sides of the cavern.  The elf tried to stop the girl from drowning.  The object in the background shined with greater intensity.

The Witch raised her hands and shouted something.  Ramla saw a hazy cloud of white appear in the cavern.  There was a great flash of light blue light, and the girl stumbled to the ground.  The elf screamed at the Witch, and the Witch laughed loudly.  The sound erupted through the cavern, and more rocks fell.  The elf tried to shield the girl from some of the particularly large boulders.

The Witch walked towards them and grinned evilly, flashing her upper teeth.  She murmured something to the elf and the girl, and the two turned away, bracing themselves for death.

Ramla’s vision disappeared.  It was black again.  Ramla screamed aloud, trying to get the dream to return.  No matter how hard she tried, it wouldn’t come.  She didn’t know if the girl was safe.

Ramla felt as though liquid was pouring into her lungs.  She was drowning.  Ramla gasped for air and clutched her chest.  Her eyes opened again, and she realized that she was still in her longhouse.  She hadn’t gone anywhere, even though it felt so real.

Ramla stared at the board in front of her.  She wanted desperately to record what had happened.  Before she could do anything, words started to appear of their own accord.  As the words appeared, her surroundings vanished.  All she could see was the board and the writings forming on it.

She somehow knew that she had to record the words in front of her.  She didn’t know what they meant, but instinctively she knew they had something to do with the vision she just had.  Ramla dipped a brush in white paint, and started tracing the words on the board.


After writing, Ramla could now see around her.  She heard chattering outside her longhouse, and saw freshly painted words on the board.  Ramla knew that she had painted those words, but she couldn’t remember when she did it.  In fact, she couldn’t recall anything about what happened in the last hour.  She only remembered getting back home.

Ramla looked carefully at the words and discovered they were written in the Alvarian language.  The words formed a prophecy about a Witch that was going to try and take over Evindoore.  After reading these words, Ramla felt a memory stirring about a vision taking place in a cave.  She struggled to recollect what the dream was about, feeling as though she were digging in her mind for a rare treasure.

Ramla read the prophecy further, and discovered that it had something to do with the girl, the elf, and the Witch in the cave.  Suddenly, she made the connection.  The girl was fighting with the Witch, and the prophecy was talking about her.  Somehow, this girl and her Elven defender were going to go on a great mission to stop the Witch.

Ramla didn’t know the exact information surrounding this future event, but her heart was still pounding, and she still felt herself looking at the doors and windows.  She had to protect the board.  Something was going to happen in the future, and she couldn’t let this board fall into the wrong hands.  She had to ensure that the prophecy would stay intact, and that the board could not be destroyed.  The prophecy would warn people of the upcoming dangers facing Evindoore.

Ramla put down the paintbrush and started murmuring words over board.  She formed a border around the words, and sealed them with the Alvarian language.

Sele und secare

Ramla looked around to ensure that nobody was watching her.  If her enemies learned of what just happened, they would do anything in their power to steal the board.

Once she was finished, Ramla decided that she would take the board to the Knights.  They would know what to do with it.

She gripped the board in her hand and held it against her body.  With determination, Ramla turned to the door and exited the longhouse, starting the journey to Avolene, the capital city of Durvana.

© 2013 Amy Burney 


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