The Eye Dancers



What happens when you start dreaming about a girl with haunting blue eyes?  Or your friends are dreaming the same dream?  In The Eye Dancers, we read about a group of boys that are taken out of their reality into one where they are trying to solve the mystery of the blue eyed girl.  Readers find themselves questioning where exactly the boys were taken to.  Are they in a parallel universe?  Are they all dreaming the same dream?

The book causes readers to question what reality really is, and understand that hope can come even in the most dangerous of times.  We explore areas such as quantum mechanics, and learn some history along the way.

The book constantly had me questioning what was going on.  It make me laugh at parts, cringe in terror, and shake my head in puzzlement.

For a great young adult science fiction/fantasy read, I would highly recommend checking out The Eye Dancers.  I give it five stars.


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