Revision Updates



Well, I’ve gone through my entire story and cut out 8,000 words of description.  That’s right.  Just description.  Before, I had whole blocks of paragraphs where nothing happened.  It was just description.

Now, I still have description, but I weave it into the plot more.  I talk about what the house or the lake looks like as the person sees it, or as the person does something.  I believe that I’ve cut out…what’s that word?  Infodump.  I don’t think I just dump off information into big paragraph blocks.  I’ve worked it in.

Now I’m working on making the dialogue seem more…fantasy-ish.  I’m cutting out modern references and making the dialogue flow better.

I still want to add another chapter in the beginning where Lady Adell traps Nakendra in her sandstone cage to add backstory where it’s needed.  I’m working through comments from people, and tweaking out minor words, phrases, and plot inconsistencies.

I would have to say that the revision process takes just as long as the actual writing.  It can also be a little harder because you’re having to concentrate on problem areas that you as the writer haven’t seen before.  You have to force yourself to look at your own writing with a reader’s eye vs. a writer’s eye.

I’m expecting the story to be done soon.  The cover is almost ready for the release.  I will also be starting a new blog soon devoted to the Evindoore series.

Well…back to more revisions.


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