The Witch’s Prophecy

Sandstone Formations

Sandstone Formations

The translation of the saying, “Mæg þer portear Alvaro suboard eaw,” is “May Alvaro guide your path.”  This saying is written in the Alvarian language, which is the language of magic in my young adult high fantasy novel, The Witch’s Prophecy.  This is only one use of the language in the novel.  There are many others.

Here’s some more information about it:

Elle Holden lives in the town of Linview.  It’s a small town, where everyone is very close to each other.  Because of this, there are very few things a person could do if someone decides to abuse their power….

Elle is seeing some weird things around town that nobody else can see.  Everyone thinks she is crazy.  The most popular boy in school dares her to knock on the door of a mysterious house on the top of a hill above Linview.  If she does, he will be her boyfriend, and everyone will like her.

The dare sends Elle into a fantasy world that she never would have imagined existed.  She encounters all sorts of magical creatures, and discovers that an evil Witch is being held captive in Evindoore.  If the Witch escapes, she will take over Evindoore and enter the outside world (our world).

An ancient prophecy foretold that Elle could be the one to stop the Witch.  Is Elle the girl of the prophecy?  Will she be able to stop the Witch from the help of her Elven defender and the Alliance?  Can she accept her place in this new world?

Find out in The Witch’s Prophecy, the first book in the Evindoore series.

Coming soon…

© Amy Burney and Amy’s Fantastical Writings, 2013


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