SUCCESS! My Novel is Written (At Least the 1st Draft)


I was going to post this yesterday, but I got caught up in revisions.  I ended the last chapter of my novel on Wednesday.  It was at approximately 98,000 words.


When that last chapter was written (the first draft of it), I felt so relieved.   I couldn’t believe that I finished a novel!  Wow!  I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish it, but I found that as long as I kept myself involved with the plot, and kept a personal deadline (August 1st for first draft), I was able to keep myself going.  I always do well with deadlines, even if I don’t really feel like writing.  I only took a break if I was exhausted, and if I had a splitting headache.  Other than that, I kept moving.  And I’m so glad I did.  I completely agree with this next quote.  If I stopped writing when I didn’t want to write, then I wouldn’t have finished the novel by the deadline.  There were many days when I didn’t feel like writing.  But it’s finished!

So now, my next steps are to revise the novel.  I’m finding that I’m having to work on the ending a lot because I put so much into two chapters.  Yesterday, I broke up one chapter at the end into three.  Yikes!  I’m doing the same to my last chapter as well.

Once that’s done, I’m starting all the way back at the beginning and filling in dialogue, and clearing up inconsistencies and plot holes.  I’m also going to ensure that each scene of the beginning is actually needed, and that it doesn’t drag in some parts.

Meanwhile, I’m also working on the cover for the book.  That’s a work in progress.  I have a good start on it.  I still need to do some tweaking.

I’m going to start sharing information about the book within the week.  In the meantime, here’s a saying that I’ve used a few times in the book.  There is a dictionary in the book relating to this saying, and also the spells used in the book.  I’ll let you look at it for a day or so and try to figure out what it means before I post the translation in English.

Mæg þer portear Alvaro suboard eaw

© Amy Burney and Amy’s Fantastical Writings, 2013


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