The Curse of Blackmoor Manor

Cover Art

Cover Art

The Curse of Blackmoor Manor is rated E for Everyone.  This is Nancy’s first international adventure.  It takes place in England.  This has been called by many as one of the scariest games that Her Interactive has ever made.

Nancy is called in to visit Linda Penvellyn at Blackmoor Manor.  She has been struck with some mysterious maladies.  She will not allow anyone to see her.

Your mission is to figure out what’s keeping her ill.  Is she just sick?  Is she having mood swings?  Has she been cursed?  Is she turning into the Blackmoor Beast?  Find out in Nancy Drew:  The Curse of Blackmoor Manor.


Nigel Mookerjee—He is a historian doing research on the Penvellyn family in the library.  He has much to say on the Penvellyn’s scandalous history, including the Penvellyn family treasure and the Blackmoor Beast.  Why is he so interested in the Penvellyns anyway?  Is he truly interested in their history?  Or is it something else?

Jane Penvellyn—She moved to Blackmoor Manor from the United States, and she is very unhappy.  She loves to play games, and she’s kind of lonely.  She knows a lot about the mansion and its secrets.  Does she know so much that she’s creating mischief?

Ethel Bossiney

Ethel Bosinney

Linda Penvellyn—She married Hugh Penvellyn and moved from the United States to Blackmoor Manor, his home.  What is really going on with her?  Is she hiding something?  What does she mean by, “There are some doors that should never be opened?”

Mrs. Drake—She is Jane’s Great Aunt and Blackmoor Manor’s housekeeper.  She doesn’t like talk of magic or curses, but she can be superstitious herself.

Ethel Bosinney—She is Jane’s tutor, and she teaches Jane a variety of subjects, some that seem inscrutable.  She seems nice, but she has a mysterious side to her.  What is her story?


Having to make cake constantly for LouLou and playing games with Jane to get glowsticks can get frustrating.  Especially when you’re at a pivotal point in the game.


This mansion is so huge!  There are constantly new places to explore.  Lots and lots of snooping!

The game is long and complex.  Even though I’ve played it many times, it still took me three days to play the game.

There are many many puzzles, all of which seem to fit in with the overall plot of the game.  Some were more difficult than others, but a walkthrough is always helpful.  Score!

Rich history, plus alchemy.  I love the Penvellyn family history.  It’s so mysterious.  I also really enjoy learning about alchemy.

LouLou!  She makes me laugh.

You get to go on a ghost hunt!  Fun!

Some Interesting Points

I can see how people may be uncomfortable with parts of the game, including alchemy, strange rituals, and the Lady in Black.  It is rated E for Everyone, but people should ensure that they are comfortable with these features before they install the game.  I found it fascinating, but that was just me.

I had fun with trying to figure out the Cockney from Tommy in the Boor’s Head Pub.  You had to guess what you would get for dinner.

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Gameplay Moments

There are many moments in the game where something “supernatural” comes up.  Some examples include when you first arrive, and during the middle of the night.  This can be kind of creepy, but fun at the same time.

*Tip*  Get an Easter egg by clicking on something in Jane’s room quite a few times.  Then set your alarm clock at night to say…9 AM holding the Easter egg.  Get ready for spookiness!

Watch out for the carnivorous plant in the conservatory!  *Shivers*

Overall Impression

This is probably one of the more controversial games in the Nancy Drew series (with the alchemy and whatnot).  Still, this is one of my favorite games.  It’s very long, with lots of snooping and great puzzles.  You learn quite a bit in this game, which is always a plus.  I also love the creepiness.  I didn’t find it that scary, probably because I’ve played it so many times.  However, the playing it the first time would definitely creep you out.

Great game!

Here’s the trailer:

Her Interactive

Curse of Blackmoor Manor


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