Writing Update #1


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I’ve been so busy with writing that I haven’t written any blog posts!

The last time I wrote, I believe I was at page 170 or something.  Since then, I’ve had a few things come up (life happens, right?) and I’m at 217 pages with the latest chapter.  I’m now at…let me check…58,699 words.

I was expecting at this stage to be wondering if I was going to make an “average” size book with about 80,000 words.  I wasn’t sure how fast or slow I was going to write.

Now I’m wondering  how far past it the 1st draft will be.  Seriously.  I”m thinking it could be up at the 95,000 range, or even past 100,000.  Woah.  So that has been a surprising part of writing the whole thing.

I must say that the outlines I have made over the years have really helped.  Obviously on some chapters I”m debating whether to put on a less critical plot element or to include it.  This last chapter, I skipped an element that I thought for sure would be in it.  However, as I was getting to that part, I realized that I wasn’t staying true to the character.  The character wouldn’t have wanted it in at that point…for whatever reason that I can’t tell you.  Sorry about that.  😦

But the point is that this entire process has been rediscovering the story (even though I’ve been “discovering” it since high school). But I digress.

I’m over the point where I was expecting the halfway point to be, and I’ve realized that it’s going to be at least fifty pages longer than what I was expecting, most likely more.  That’s not bad, though.  That just means that there’s even more to the story than I thought there would be.

So there’s my writing update.  I’ll post on some other stuff that I’ve done (Maybe tomorrow???  Or the next day???  Who knows.)  and I’ll give another writing update in about a week.

Hope you’re having as much fun as I am writing.  It’s nice being creative with writing!


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