On My Soapbox–Paula Deen


Very sad…I can’t believe that Paula Deen is so different than the person she portrays herself to be on Food Network. She always seemed like such a nice Southern lady.

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There has been a story in the news that has captured my attention the last several days, so again, I am writing an article for On My Soapbox.

I am an avid Food Network fan for many years. I have tuned into many shows of the 30 Minute Meals by Rachel Ray, Iron Chef, Chopped, Bobby Flay, and Paula Deen. I will miss Paula Deen. I was very surprised to hear that the Food Network let her go so quickly.

After her three apology YouTube videos for using “hurtful language” when using a racial slur, many of the released quotes in her deposition, and videos surfacing over the course of a few days, I now see that Food Network really had no choice. She was too much risk for their brand.

Nevertheless, being inquisitive as I usually am, I read the 33-page complaint and her deposition. The…

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