Septimus Heap: Fyre Review

Fyre Book Cover

Fyre Book Cover

***This review does contain a few spoilers***

Fyre is the last book in the Septimus Heap series.  It ties the entire series together, and brings back most, if not all, of the characters from the previous six books.

In the book, the remains of the darke domain, the Two-Faced Ring, must be destroyed.  This task brings Septimus to both Magyk and Physik, and causes him to question where he will reside in this world.  He works with both Marcellus Pye and Marcia to eliminate the threat posed to the castle.

In regards to how I thought this book fared to the rest of the series, I didn’t like it as much as Darke, Syren, or Queste.  About halfway through the book, I thought that it was running a little long.  It seemed to drag just a little in the middle, and I sometimes didn’t understand what was going on in the book.  Perhaps reading it a second time will help.

I was also a little disappointed with the ending.  It seemed to end in a weird place.  What happened with Septimus?  Did he become an ExtraOrdinary Wizard?  The book leaves off with him finishing the adventure for this book, but I thought that he would also complete his training.  That was a little puzzling to me.

However, there were parts to the book I greatly enjoyed.  I’m glad that Septimus met Hotep-Ra, and that the dragon boat was finally healed.  Angie Sage also weaved together magic and alchemy, finally bringing the two together.  Alchemy is no longer a taboo in the castle.  Even Marcia seems to be okay with it…at least temporarily.

I was also pleased that Jenna finally met the ghost of her mother, although I wouldn’t say that her mother was an entirely pleasant person.  She seemed so…formal.  Yes, she was a queen, but still.  She was talking to her daughter.  Really, the queen never gave Jenna any help or direction at all.  That was a little irritating.

Finally, I was ecstatic when Jenna finally became Queen.  I thought that was a fine culmination to her story through the series, particularly when Jenna and Beetle became a couple.

Overall, I did enjoy reading the book.  However, there were parts that I thought were missing, and I think the book was a little long.  It’s not my favorite book of the series.  I thought I would enjoy it more, since I love some of the other books in the series so much, that that’s all right.  Maybe I’ll like it more the second time.  I rate it three stars.


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