The Casual Vacancy

The Casual Vacancy Book Cover

The Casual Vacancy Book Cover

I will try to be as gentle with this post as possible.  I can’t really call it a review because I didn’t finish the book.  I respect JK Rowling immensely as a writer, having grown up in the Harry Potter generation.  I hate to be critical of her work.

I don’t understand why she had to put out a book so with much profanity and vulgarity.  Plus, the book has so many characters that I couldn’t keep track of them.  Beyond the first five pages, I had no idea what was happening.  I’ve tried to read the book twice now.  The first time, I read 150 pages without having a clue of what was going on.  The second time, I gave it twenty.  I just wasn’t going to go through that anymore.

Like I said, I’m sorry to be so critical.  I love reading her Harry Potter books.  If she wanted to write an adult novel, I don’t know why she had to incorporate all these sometimes gross things into it.  If she wanted to write realistic fiction, she could have done this without the bad stuff.  I couldn’t finish the book because of it.  If this book didn’t have her name on it, I never would have given it a second thought.  I tried my hardest to read it.

I hope that if she puts out another book, she returns to fantasy or writes an adult novel that has a little more life to it, and doesn’t use what I’ve already mentioned.  This just was sad because I was looking forward to reading what she was putting out next.  I was very disappointed with this. Regrettably, because of all the issues I’ve mentioned, I give it 1 star.


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