Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island


Danger on Deception Island was made in 2003 for Windows XP/Vista/7.  In this game, George’s friend, Katie Firestone, invites you to Deception Island in Snake Horse Harbor.  However, someone wrecked her boat before Nancy arrives.  The island is in turmoil because of an orphaned killer whale that appeared in the channel.  Who vandalized Katie’s boat and why?  How does this orphaned whale fit into Nancy’s mystery?  Find out in this Nancy Drew game involving whales!


Holt Scotto

Holt Scotto

Andy Jason:  He also runs whale watching excursions.  Getting close to the whale would help his business, but he can’t because Katie is the only one that has permission to monitor it.  Would he wreck her boat to eliminate the competition?

Holt Scotto:  Veteran fisherman.  He’s running for harbormaster.  He would love to get rid of the whale that is stopping him and his fellow fisherman from making a living.  Could he have wrecked Katie’s boat to intimidate her?

Jenna Deblin:  She owns the local coffee shop, and has lived in Snake Harbor her whole life.  She thinks the orphaned whale should be returned to her pod.  Would she wreck Katie’s boat to do this?

Katie Firestone:  She’s a marine biologist to owns a whale watching tour.  She’s the only one that can take fellow biologists and visitors up to see the whale.  She thinks the whale is sick, and should go to an aquarium for research.  Her opinion is also unwelcome.  Could she have trashed her own boat to gain sympathy for her cause?


Riding on the bike can get old sometimes.

Searching for clams can seem like an endless chore that never ends.  Plus slipping on slimy rocks…  Ouch.


Need I mention whales?  I love whales.  I’ve been on some whale watching tours myself, so that really made the game fun for me.  You even went on a whale watching tour in the game!  Whales Rule!

What a plot!  It starts off really small, but rapidly expands as you explore who vandalized Katie’s boat.  This definitely made up for the last game.

Yummy…clam chowder.  I love that coffee shop.  I wish I could go there in real life.

You explored a whale museum and played whale games!  That was so fun.

Canoeing around the harbor was so peaceful.

I’ve been to the Pacific Northwest, and this game really made me feel like I was back there.  The atmosphere was incredible!



Some Interesting Points

Somewhere along the journey, you meet up with someone else who has gone a little “kookoo.”  Nancy gets to work with her to discover what is going on with the town.  Lots of scavenger hunts.

You explore a lighthouse!  I wish I could go in a lighthouse.

Gameplay Moments

Bad bad poetry…  Whoever heard of a “strange anvil rock” or “words only a sailor could love?”

This game had a lot of second chances…From canoeing too far in the harbor, to almost being squashed on the head.  Nancy had to watch herself a lot.

Overall Impression

I love this game.  It’s one of my favorites.  I love whales, and I loved how you never knew where you were going to end up.  The game never seemed to end.  There were so many puzzles in here.  If you just wanted to play one Nancy Drew game, this should be one to consider.

Here’s the trailer:

Her Interactive

Danger on Deception Island

Also, I had posted some information on whale watching in Alaska.  Since that talks about whale watching too, here’s a link to that post.  You might like it.


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