Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel

Haunted Carousel Cover Art

Haunted Carousel Cover Art

The Haunted Carousel was made in 2003 for Windows XP/Vista/7.  It’s rated E for Everyone. In this game, Nancy Drew investigate a series of accidents at Captain’s Cove Amusement Park.  The lead horse on the carousel goes missing, and there’s a roller coaster accident.  The carousel also turns on by itself at night.  Is it haunted?  What’s really going on at the amusement park?


Elliot Chen:  The visual design artist at the park.  He’s been really falling behind on his work from procrastination.  Would he sabotage the park to get the park shut down so he can cut down on his work?

Harlan Bishop:  Security guard.  He’s done a lot of job hopping in the past, and has a bit of a shady past.  Would he set up the sabotage so he could swoop in and save the day to be the hero?

Ingrid Corey:  Engineer.  She maintains all the rides in the park, and says the park is cursed.  Does she really believe this, or is she using this to deflect blame from herself to appear “cooky?”

Finally, Joy Trent:  Her father used to own the park, but Paula Santos, the owner of the park, bought him out.  Is she resentful that she’s just a bookkeeper in the park when her father used to own it?  Does she have an ulterior reason for working here?

screenshots car


I did not like barnacle blast at all.  I’m not great with hand/eye coordination, and the ball moved too fast.  That wasn’t fun.  You had to play two levels too…

The game seemed really short to me.  I don’t know why…  It just…ended it seemed.  I don’t know.  There was something missing to it.


Riding the carousel was fun!  I liked catching the brass ring.

I liked helping Joy work through some of her issues.

I liked playing the harmonica.  That was fun.

Some Interesting Points

You got to go behind the scenes of the theme park attractions.  I’ve never done that, so that was interesting.

You learned a little about carousel history.  I didn’t know about the different horses on a carousel.

key_screenshots car

Gameplay Moments

Nancy gets trapped by the roller coaster, right after she finds something from one of the characters.

At one point in the game, I was frustrated with Harlen.  I was trying to do something, and he kept calling me back.  He really had to talk…

Overall Impression

I don’t know why, but there was a missing element to this game.  It seemed short, and didn’t have the “magic” seen in many of the Nancy Drew games.  I wasn’t very fond of it.  The plot was very intriguing, but something just seemed off.

Here’s the trailer:

Her Interactive

The Haunted Carousel


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