Nancy Drew: The Final Scene

Final Scene Cover Art

Final Scene Cover Art

The Final Scene came out in November of 2001.  It’s rated E for Mild Violence, and is for ages 10 to adult.  It is designed for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7.  In this game, Nancy’s friend, Maya Ngyen, is kidnapped when she goes in to interview Brady Armstrong in his dressing room at the Royal Palladium movie theatre.  Nancy then has three days to save her because the theatre will be demolished.  Will Nancy save her from the wrecking ball, or will Maya go down with the theatre?


Brady Armstrong:  Hollywood heartthrob.  The debut to his new movie is taking place at the theatre before it gets demolished.  Would he take Maya to stop the theatre being demolished to ensure his new movie is publicized?

Joseph Hughes:  He is the caretaker of the Royal Palladium theatre.  He’s been working at the theatre, so it holds many memories for him.  Would he kidnap a journalist to stop the demolition?

Nick Falcone:  He is part of H.A.D.I.T, or “Humans Against the Destruction of Illustrious Theatres.”  He is protesting the demolition, and is rumored to take part in unorthodox tactics to further his agenda.  Would he kidnap Maya in extreme tactics to stop the demolition of the glorious theatre.

Simone Mueller

Simone Mueller

Last, but certainly not least:

Simone Mueller:  Brady Armstrong’s agent.  She thinks Maya’s kidnapping is a great way to generate more press for Brady’s movie debut.  Would she kidnap Maya to create this opportunity for publicity?


The culprit.  I have to say, I was not expecting the culprit in this game.  It was somewhat shocking to me, and I don’t like it.  I really wanted someone else to be the culprit.  I’ve even written an alternative ending with my desired culprit.  As you can see, it’s somewhat upsetting to me.


Magic!  You get to learn some magic tricks in this game.  Not that I’m great at them by any means, but they were fun.

Harry Houdini!  Okay, who wouldn’t like to learn about the magician.  The game’s plot is revolved around him, so it’s kind of fun.  I liked learning about his “impossible” task, and how he was “compensated” for it…*cough cough*

Lots and lots of snooping and secret passageways!  Wow…there is a lot more to movie theatres than meets the eye.  Every day Nancy found something new!  That was fun.

We got to go in a real magician’s room through a magician’s cage!  How cool is that?!



Some Interesting Points:

Another slider puzzle.  Ugh.  I don’t like slider puzzles.  I don’t see why they have to be in almost every game.  Need I say more.

The kidnapper’s “voice” is creepy!  It made me jump a few times.

Nancy looks like a nutcase in part of the game.  She finds…something…and no one else sees it.  Everyone thinks she’s losing her marbles.  Poor Nancy.

This game had a very intense feel to it.  You really felt it was urgent that you completed the game quickly because you didn’t want Maya to die.  That made the game feel very realistic.

Gameplay Moments:

Like I said before, the kidnapper’s voice is creepy.  When I was walking through the hall in I think the third day, it was really weird.  How exactly was Nancy “wasting time?”  She was trying to find her friend!  How could she have gone any faster!

Okay, at one point, Brady looked really suspicious.  He just happened to be standing at the right place at the right time.  Yeah…Brady, if you’re not part of it, why are you standing here now?

Simone Mueller really made me mad.  Nancy’s trying to find her friend, and all Simone can say is “love ya.”  She was really irritating.

Overall Impression:

I thought this was a fun game.  You got to learn about magic and Harry Houdini, and you explored a movie theatre.  What a fun location for a game!  It’s within my top five favorite games.

Official Trailer:

Her Interactive

The Final Scene


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