Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower


Her Interactive made Treasure in the Royal Tower in June of 2001.  This is the first game I ever played, so it holds special memories for me.  The game is rated E for Everyone.  It’s made for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7.

Nancy Drew is vacationing in snowy Wisconsin at the Wickford Castle Ski Resort.  When she arrives, she discovers that the library is off limits because someone decided to vandalize it for apparently no reason.  Not only that, but some lady named Professor Hotchkiss is talking about her room being robbed.  However, Professor Hotchkiss won’t talk to anyone about what is missing.  Is there a story behind these weird occurrences?

The Characters:

Dextar Egan:  He is the caretaker of the resort, filling in for the owner Christi Lane.  He was adopted by the caste’s original owner.  He doesn’t like to talk about his history with the original owner, even though he was adopted.  What is going on with that?

Jacques Brunais:  A Frenchman who was an Olympic skier.  He didn’t do so well in the Olympics, so now he works as a ski instructor at the resort.  He is also engaged.  What would cause an former Olympic skier to work as a ski instructor in Wisconsin?  Is it because he was unsuccessful in the Olympics, or because of something else?

Lisa Ostrum:  She is a photojournalist covering the castle for a story.  She seems to know quite a bit about what’s been going on.  Is she hiding something?

Professor Hotchkiss

Professor Hotchkiss

Last but not least….

Professor Hotchkiss:  French history scholar and lover of chicken.  She loves to chat about French history, especially Marie Antoinette.  She apparently wrote a book defending Marie Antoinette.  What is her story for being in Wisconsin?  Is she looking for something relating to Marie Antoinette in the castle?


This castle is  very big, and can be complicated when you’re trying to get into a specific area of the castle.  It can involve a lot of walking around to accomplish a task before you can move on.

The first part of the game can be ridiculous because of the chores involved.  As mentioned before, the castle is very large, so walking around constantly to do this and that for Dexter is…annoying sometimes.

I would say that towards the end of the game, the culprit is predictable, as well as the ending.  I wasn’t surprised by the ending, including how to beat the game.


This game incorporates a lot of French history.  When I first played this game, I really liked learning about Marie Antoinette.  Now after learning about the French Revolution, I realize that the background Her Interactive put into the game isn’t too far off base.  Granted, Her Interactive did rewrite history a bit in the game, but that’s what made it enjoyable.

Professor Hotchkiss!  Oh I love that woman.  She’s so funny.  I love talking with her in the game.  Boy does she like chicken!

Some parts of the castle are very beautiful.  The stained glass, and other part which I’m not going to mention because it spoils too much of the game.

The music sounds very French at times, again at certain locations in the game.  I really enjoyed that.

Screenshots from Treasure in the Royal Tower

Screenshots from Treasure in the Royal Tower

Some interesting points

In this game, your perception of one particular character changed greatly as you learned more about them.  This made the character seem multidimensional.

I enjoyed the leaf puzzle because the colors were (again) gorgeous.

There is quite a set up to get into a certain location in the game, as previously mentioned.  It requires putting a few pieces of gameplay together and working out the kinks.  It can be nerve-racking sometimes.

The game twisted and turned because some important items seemed to appear randomly in places where they shouldn’t be.  Hmmm….why is that?  Is someone trying to confuse Nancy?

Gameplay Moments

There were some interesting second chances in the game.  At one point when I was playing it, Nancy died when an elevator landed on her (you’d have to play it to know what I mean).

Nancy got locked out of the castle!  That made my heart race a little bit when I was trying to save her.

Overall Impression

This game holds special memories for me because it was my first game.  However, there are parts of the game that can be irritating at times (chores).  I mean let’s just get to the mystery!  There was a point to the chores though, which is good.  The French history made the game enjoyable, along with Professor Hotchkiss.  This isn’t my favorite game in the series, but it’s still good.

You can see the trailer to Treasure in the Royal Tower here:

You can look at this game at Nancy Drew:  Treasure in the Royal Tower

To see the Her Interactive website, go to: Her Interactive

© Amy Burney, Amy’s Fantastical Writings


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