Funny Dog Moments

Dog with Squeak

Dog with Squeak

My dog has a rubber red toy that looks like of like a Martian.  The toy has two little feet, a big round head, and two little ears poking up.  We call it her “squeak” because it squeaks.

She loves it when you throw the squeak.  Before you throw it, she looks up eagerly, waiting for the big toss.  Occasionally she might lift up one foot in anticipation of a big run.

She runs to get the squeak, occasionally jumping in the air to get it or almost doing a somersault to quickly change direction and get it.  Then she runs back with the squeak in her mouth and her tail high.  You have to tell her to drop it though.  She doesn’t drop it herself.  That’ll continue for about ten minutes.  She quiets down pretty quickly.

There’s another game we’ve come up with her.  It’s called “squeak in a blanket.”  In this game, we hide her squeak in…you guessed it:  a blanket.  We fold it up and throw it on the floor.  She’ll paw at the blanket and move it around to get the squeak out.  We do that when she still wants to play but doesn’t have the energy to go and get the squeak.

It’s hard to tell which game she likes better.  We seem to do squeak in a blanket more because she doesn’t seem to have a lot of energy for a long period of time.  If you aren’t playing with her, she’ll start to whimper until you do.  She might do that at the most random times.  Then when you say, “Squeak?,” she’ll grumble and jump up, grumbling and grrring.  The weird thing is, she wants you to play with her.

Dog Barking at TV

Dog Barking at TV

Another funny thing is when she sees an animal on the screen.  She might be asleep, but if she hears another animal, she’ll run towards the TV grrring at it.  She particularly does this with dogs.  She does not like thinking another animal is in the house.  I’ve seen her sometimes jump hallway across the room when she’s getting ready to “tell the dog off.”  I’ve also seen her do this with a strange person on the screen that she doesn’t like.  It’s usually about a man with a hat.  She does not like that.

She’s so cute when she wakes up from a nap.  When she wakes up, she’ll have her ears forward and she’ll grab some kind of sock or bone or something.  It probably has something to comfort.  She also does this if someone is dropping off a package.  She’ll have her ears forward then, and she’ll hold something in her mouth.  But it’s even funnier here because she’ll be woofing through whatever she’s holding.  If she has a sock in her mouth, she’ll still be woofing through the sock.

Dogs are quite funny.

© Amy Burney, Amy’s Fantastical Writings


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