Game Review: Nancy Drew Stay Tuned for Danger


Stay Turned for Danger Cover Art

Her Interactive created Stay Tuned for Danger in November of 1999.  This has almost the same operating system requirements as Secrets Can Kill, being for Windows 95/98/ME/2000.  However, it is not made for Windows XP, unlike Secrets Can Kill.  This seems strange because Secrets Can Kill was the first game created.  Shouldn’t Stay Tuned for Danger be made for Windows XP, not Secrets Can Kill?

Anyways, the game is rated E for Everyone.  This game was discontinued on November 17, 2011.  Unlike Secrets Can Kill, however, this game was not remastered, although fans on the Her Interactive message boards regularly petition for this game to be remastered.  Her Interactive hasn’t given any indication regarding plans to remaster this game.

In this game, Nancy Drew is in New York on the set of Worldwide Broadcasting Studios at the soap opera, “Light of Our Love.”  She has been called in by Mattie Jensen to investigate a series of death threats against her co-star, Rick Arlen.  In the game, you get to go between the studio, Mattie’s house, and Dwayne Power’s office.

The Characters

Dwayne Powers—He is Mattie’s agent, and becomes Nancy’s agent as well when Nancy is forbidden to enter the studio as a visitor.  Dwayne is a failed actor that knew Rick and Mattie when they were starting off in theatre.  Dwayne appears to maintain a good relationship with Mattie, but he seems to hate Rick with a passion.

Lillian Weiss—She is the director of “Light of Our Love.”  She is a cranky, irritable woman who likes to show people she’s the boss.  Nancy has a number of run-ins with Lillian.  Lillian appears to have a poor relationship with Mattie and Rick.

Mattie Jensen—Nancy has the most contact with Mattie as she is staying with her.  On “Light of Our Love,” Mattie plays the role of Serena Livingston alongside her co-star Rick Arlen.  Mattie Jensen and Rick Arlen share quite a history together.

Millie Strathorn—She is the heir to Worldwide Broadcasting Studios and the propmaster (it’s weird that the person who owns half the studio works in the prop room).  Millie regularly attempts to write scripts for the show, but they are never approved.  She seems to harbor some anger towards Rick Arlen.

Last but not least…

Rick Arlen

Rick Arlen

Rick Arlen—Charm extraordinaire, Rick Arlen plays Rory Danner on “Light of Our Love.”  Nancy has been called in to investigate the threats against him.  Some of these threats include poisoned chocolates, dead flowers, and weird messages on the teleprompter.  Some of the threats include notes that have been typewritten or formed by letters cut out of magazines.  These notes are signed “B. T. Kaisur.”


While playing the game, you notice a lot of pictures with the characters in them.  Some of the pictures can be humorous because the characters look like they have the body of a real person, but the head of the character.

One thing I noticed in this game that I should have noticed in the previous game is that there is no task list.  This can make it hard to remember what your next task is in the game.

It was a little too obvious where the cut-out letters came from.  I won’t give that away, but it seemed strange that security couldn’t figure out where the letters came from.  It took Nancy about five minutes in the game…


Here’s a big one:  You don’t have to switch discs in the middle of the game!  Very nice.

This game had day/night snooping!  Nancy could *somewhat* advance time…granted it was by going up the stairs at Mattie’s house and clicking on a creepy poem.  Still, that was a nice feature for an early game.

Nancy actually talks the characters in this game.  She doesn’t just say one question and automatically have the character say a paragraph of dialogue.

screenshots (1)

Some interesting points

Again, we were able to see some puzzles introduced that are used in later games.  There was more evidence that Her Interactive is an actual company, such as a cup (I think) in the prop room with the logo on there.

You were able to call a few more numbers in the game that were written down randomly in places.

Gameplay Moments

This game was more tricky than the previous one because there was more involved with the game, and we didn’t have a task list.  I miss the newer games that do have that task list.  I found myself consulting GameBoomers more often just for information on where to go next.

There was a lot of snooping involved.  You snuck into the same rooms over again to find new things that appeared in the game.

There were lots of new areas that opened up as you progressed through the game, the control booth for example.  These areas were not easy to open; you had to find quite a bit of information and put the pieces together to open these locked areas.

It got pretty annoying when you were trying to help Rick not die, and he would just try and flirt with Nancy.  I found myself thinking, “Can’t you just be quiet and actually help?”  Nooo…of course not.  Yes, Rick, you’re great.  Let’s move on.

Overall Impression

This game worked off the original game and added some new elements, such as the day/night snooping.  It was more complicated than the last one; however, it was fun being on the set of a soap opera.  This game was a marked improvement from the original.

You can look at this game at: Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger

To see the Her Interactive website, go to: Her Interactive

© Amy Burney, Amy’s Fantastical Writings


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