Movie Review- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

The movie adaption of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is roughly the same as the book. Similar to other movie adaptions, there are some parts of the book that are changed or left out. One example of this is when Harry is trying out wands. In the book, Harry just holds the wand and feels foolish. Mr. Ollivander then whips the wand out of his hand and commands Harry to try out another wand in a somewhat joyful way. In the movie, Harry breaks a vase accidently and sends boxes flying off the shelves. Mr. Ollivander here isn’t quite as gleeful.

In the book, Hagrid told Harry about Voldemort in the mangy hut. In the movie, Harry is still told about Voldemort by Hagrid, but this is in Diagon Alley. Hagrid also takes Harry to King’s Cross Station, but just leaves him there, saying he has to drop something off to Professor Dumbledore. Hagrid tries to be secret about it, but the viewer can easily tell what Hagrid is talking about. In the book, the Dursleys reluctantly take Harry to the train station only because they have to remove Dudley’s pig tail (I cannot believe I wrote down a human having a pig tail…that’s just way too weird).

I laughed when Hermione introduced herself to Harry and Ron. Hermione basically brushed Ron off, just saying “pleasure.” Oh Hermione….

Harry doesn’t meet Draco on the train in the movie. He meets Draco before the class is sorted. His temperament is still the same though: irritable and nasty.

Professor Dumbledore decides to scare all the little 1st years with his start of term notice to avoid the 3rd floor corridor (if you want to avoid a most painful death).
In the movie, there is no “midnight duel” with Malfoy. Harry finds out about Fluffy when he’s with Ron and Hermione. It would have been nice for the movie to show the continued rivalry between Harry and Draco.

I think Hermione reminds me of myself a little bit. Hermione is focused on academics and the rules. After seeing Fluffy, she admonishes Harry and Ron, saying she’s going to bed before they come up with another clever idea to get us killed, or worse…expelled. Getting expelled is worse than getting killed? Only a nerd would say that. She also enjoys Hogwarts exams….

I didn’t realize an old guy could have such a loud voice. When the students flip out because a troll is in the dungeon, he is able to stop them all with a loud, booming “SILENCE!” That would have been scary to witness.

One of my more favorite scenes because of the scenery was Hedwig flying and the season change. The background went from winter to spring. That was a nice touch to the movie.
In the movie, Harry learns about Nicholas Flamel from his wizard card. In the book, Hermione pulls out a huge book for “light reading” and tells them who Nicholas Flamel is.
In the movie, there was no centaur action. Firenze just showed up and saved Harry from….something.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Movie Scene

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Movie Scene

I must say, Hagrid has very loose lips. He talks about the importance of keeping things secret for Professor Dumbledore, then spills the beans when he starts rambling about something. Hagrid is a nice guy, but I certaintly wouldn’t tell him a big secret. I wouldn’t want him to say it accidently when he’s going off about a dragon.

There was a crucial element to the book that was left out in the movie. Harry didn’t ask Professor Dumbledore why Voldemort tried to kill him. I thought that should be left in because it showed that there was a big reason why Voldemort tried to kill him, and Dumbledore wouldn’t say it. I would say that was 1-2 minutes that shouldn’t have been left out in the movie.

Finally, I thought the ending was very heartwarming, and it was a nice touch. Hagrid gave Harry a photo album with a picture of his parents holding him. That made me tear up a little bit. I’m glad that was added to the book.

Overall, there were differences between the book and the movie, but I still thought the movie was as good as the book. There were parts left out, but a few moments were added that made it worthwhile.

© Amy Burney, Amy’s Fantastical Writings


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