A Kid in a Candy Shop

Places in Harry Potter

Places in Harry Potter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Harry’s first big adventure in the wizarding world is somewhat like a child

entering a candy shop. Everywhere he looks, he sees a new exciting thing he had never seen before. Sure, he had heard of broomsticks before, but imagine a shop where you could actually buy a broomstick? Or a bookstore where Harry could find a book on how to curse his cousin, curse his friends, and give others jelly legs?

Some of the books in the bookstore didn’t even have words at all! Why would you buy a book without words? And who had ever heard of that, anyway?

Harry walks a little further down the street with Hagrid and sees a store where you can buy an owl. Huh? That’s even stranger than buying a book without words!

And there’s a shop where you can buy dragon liver. Or salamander eyes.

And there’s a bank run by goblins!

Harry could hardly contain his excitement. He wished he had one thousand eyes, because he couldn’t possibly see everything there was to see, even if he kept turning in circles.

It was like there was a whole new world he was seeing that people didn’t know about.

And he was part of it.

Harry, the boy that once lived in a cupboard under the stairs. The boy that was chased around by his cousin Dudley.

He was part of something special. He was…what was that word again? He was a wizard.

But that candy shop quickly turned weird when Harry walked into Ollivanders. Hagrid told him to look for a wand. Harry didn’t even know how to fly a broomstick, or buy a broomstick? How was Harry going to find a wand?

Harry wished there was a sign up that said, “How to Buy a Wand in Five Easy Steps.” Really, he wished there was a sign like that for what this new world held for him. What would happen?

English: Inside Ollivanders at Islands of Adve...

English: Inside Ollivanders at Islands of Adventure. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mr. Ollivander touched his scar. Harry didn’t like

that, but Mr. Ollivander just sort of did it without asking. He measured his arm, and then went off to find a box. Of course, the tape measure moved on its own. After what Harry had been through, nothing really surprised him.

Mr. Ollivander handed him a wand. Harry then had to complete the humiliating task of waving wands, when he really didn’t know the purpose of it and didn’t know how to do it right. He must have been doing it wrong because Mr. Ollivander kept on bring him more wands to try.

And then something happened. Harry felt warmth in his hand. He actually felt confident, more than he had felt in a long time. Harry raised his arm and brought it back down, making it fly through the air as sparks came out of it.

Mr. Ollivander just had to do his Mr. Ollivander thing and act all mysterious. He was creepy.

But it didn’t really matter. Harry had a wand now, something that symbolized his entry into this new fantastical world of magic. He didn’t really have a place in it yet, but he knew that he never wanted to go back. He liked this candy shop. For good or for worse, Harry was staying in it.


What kind of wand do you think would have been your “perfect match” in Mr. Ollivander’s shop? I think mine would have been somewhat swishy, made of cherry wood, with a unicorn hair.

© Amy Burney, Amy’s Fantastical Writings


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