A Series of Unfortunate Accidents

English: Boa constrictor at Aquazoo-Löbbecke-M...

English: Boa constrictor at Aquazoo-Löbbecke-Museum Düsseldorf Deutsch: Boa constrictor im Aquazoo-Löbbecke-Museum Düsseldorf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Harry was an unusual kid growing up. He had nightmares with flashes of green light, or dreams of a huge man on a flying motorcycle. This was somewhat…upsetting…to Uncle Vernon, who turned beet red if Harry talked about it.

Not only that, but Harry had a number of “accidents” growing up. At school, he may have been running from Dudley’s gang, but he ends up on the roof of the school. Or his Aunt Petunia tries to force an old, disgusting, hand-me-down shirt from Dudley on him, yet the shirt refuses to fit. The more she tugs, the smaller it gets, until it’s little more than a sock.

My personal favorite was on Dudley’s birthday, when Harry was able to go to the zoo with Dudley and his friends. They decided to go in and visit the snakes, including a giant Boa Constrictor from Brazil. Long story short, the glass that made up the Boa Constrictor’s cage vanished, leaving the snake free to roam and upset the zoo patrons. Of course, Harry happened to be right next to the cage at the time, and may have been talking to the snake. And no matter how much Harry tried to say he didn’t know what happened, he was still blamed for it.

Poor Harry. He just doesn’t fit in, and he can’t explain it.

But then again, at that age, isn’t every child having issues? Don’t children have accidents when they are growing up, sometimes those they can’t explain? Sure, there are the “pranks” children have, or just general misbehaving. But children do have problems growing up with trying to meet new friends or fit in at school. Things were happening to Harry, and he couldn’t explain them. It didn’t help that the world seemed against him, except the occasional person dressed weirdly who came up and shook his hand at the mall or something. That in itself is odd. But Harry was just having a general rough time, just like children who sometimes have hard times in adjusting to the world around him.

© Amy Burney, Amy’s Fantastical Writings


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